Luxurious Linens from Italy

Luxurious Linens from Italy

In The Cottage we have many gorgeous labels we are super proud to stock but one that stands out to me is our Made in Italy Label! 

A gorgeous fresh range which offers colour and comfort in a very 
timeless fashion. I find this fashion label has something for everyone and compliments most figures offering a little luxury. It's just wonderful watching the delight on our customers' faces when they see the range. It really is beautiful.

MADE IN ITALY is a label designed and manufactured in Italy working with high end linens and cottons creating stunning everyday pieces that remain stylish with every season, from flowing Maxi dresses to Wide leg linen trousers.

The linens offer a coolness and ease in warmer months giving you that extra bit of relaxed comfort on a hot day and for winter they are great layering pieces making them super versatile.

The prints range from antique florals through to contemporary designs so we know there is something to suit everybody's personality and taste.
The generous sizing means no one misses out on style.

Made in Italy is definitely a collection worth adding to your wardrobe.
We would love to show our range at The Cottage and help you find that special piece you are looking for.

Chantelle xx
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